Sugar cane by product | Cane tops, Bagasse, Filter muds and Molasses

 Sugarcane today is considered to be one of the leading converts of solar energy into biomass and sugar. It is a rich source of food (sucrose, jaggery and syrup), fiber (cellulose), fodder (green leaves and tops of the sugarcane plant, bagasse, and molasses and somehow compress the mud), petrol and chemicals. The main products made are bagasse, molasses and compression mud.

Sugar Cane byproduct mainly Divided into four types :- 

Cane tops :-

The tops of the sugarcane are used fresh, dried or hoofed to feed livestock. Their nutritional value varies greatly depending on the methods of early harvesting, the point of pruning, crop ripening and the number of dry leaves

Bagasse :- 

Bagasse is commonly used to generate heat and electricity in cogeneration, but can also be used for paper production, such as beef feed and waste disposal containers. Currently, bagasse is widely used as a fuel in the sugarcane industry to meet its energy needs.

Filter muds :- 

Filter living organic manure can include sand, loose clay, disinfect, rehabilitate soil, improve soil penetration and improve water and nutrient retention.

Molasses :-

Molasses is used in cooking, especially in the Caribbean and the southern United States where sugarcane is grown. Molasses gives baked beans its thick texture, sweetness of sauce, and makes brown gingerbread cookies, soft and chewy.

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